Coleman Backpack Cooler – What 90% of Customers Think…

Coleman Backpack Cooler with Pockets, Padding, InsulationOver the years, I have owned many Coleman products. They have all proven to be well-made and last a long time.

The Coleman Backpack Cooler is no exception, and I am not the only one who thinks so. In fact, almost 90% of customers give this pack an above-average rating.

This Backpack Cooler Has a Lot Going for It.

First of all, this insulated backpack works well at keeping contents chilled throughout the day. For those who want a beer cooler backpack, the insulated compartment can carry 28 cans. Alternatively, it can comfortably hold 12 beers plus extra ice or cooling packs.

Secondly, the interior liner is heat-welded to prevent leaking. Therefore, you can keep your food and drinks cool while keeping your back dry.

Third, the back side of the pack features extra padding, as well as the shoulder and waist straps. This makes the cooler very comfortable carry (especially on long hikes). You can also adjust both the shoulder and waist straps for a snug, secure fit.

Lastly, this backpack only costs about $28. That’s cheap for a cooler and a good price for a backpack, not to mention a backpack and cooler in one!

What are the Drawbacks of the Coleman Insulated Cooler?

In general, people love this pack. However, they do have ideas of how it could be improved. Here are some things that customers have mentioned:

  • The bag does not have a chest strap and therefore sometimes slips. A chest strap would make the pack more secure.
  • You can’t put warm beers in the backpack along with ice and expect them to chill. They won’t.
  • Some people have requested a larger front pocket for carrying additional items. Others find the extra pocket and 2 side mesh pouches provide plenty of storage.

The Coleman Cooler Backpack Does a Good Job at Keeping Itself Clean.

Coleman does a good job of incorporating quality features into their products. For example, the inner liner has antimicrobial properties.

Therefore, it resists mold, mildew and funky smells. Plus, this makes it a breeze to keep clean between uses. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it dry out when not in use.

Coleman Backpack Cooler Specs:

  • Dimensions: 19″ long x 12″ wide x 6″ deep
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Color: Khaki with Red Trim
  • Model #: Coleman C003
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